Teacher Training

My dear Children,

Hope you are enjoying at home at this lockdown period, don’t get upset or depressed that you are unable to go to school or play with your friends. Make best use of your time.

Do you know you can do much better learn well without going school. How?

Manavata is conducting online holistic development course to bring great inspiration, knowledge and experience straight way to your home. It is a 2 weeks course with diverse group of children joining from different parts of the world. Make use of this best opportunity.

What you will learn:

  • Science and art of life! life skills to live with health, happiness and harmony.
  • Great brain techniques to achieve excellency
  • Leadership skills and nature skills
  • Yoga (poses, breathing and meditation), Food and nutrition
  • Grow your food & natural living innovation

Nature is best school, you don’t need to go to any school, if you know how to learn from nature. so in this course helps you to gain such self-learning abilities.

Learn from nature, you will gain great knowledge along with wonderful health and happiness. spend more time.. you know these days schools are very boring, stressful, commercial and waste of time.