Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP) is a proven methodology to transform and empower villages.

To Empower villagers & help them to take care of themselves with right knowledge and to achive self-sustainability.


  • All Villagers are completely healthy where no or minimum medical support required
  • All Villagers are well educated with human values which shows harmony in entire village
  • All Villagers grow their own food and produce required milk and other foods, this will ensure every one is wealthy (no hunger and no unemployment problem)
  • All villagers work to protect their land from dangerous chemicals
  • All villagers help their children to get right education within the village.


  • To promote sustainable Education, Health and Environment
  • To build local leadership and governance
  • To make use of appropriate techniques for sustainable agriculture.
  • To create self sustainability and economical equilibrium
  • To help people to make their livelihood
  • To serve people who are poor and needy

500 Villages Adoption Program:

Manavata is planning to adopt 500 villages in next 3 years time and implement SRDP effectively. Manavata UFH provides necessary capacity building and volunteers training within the campus.

SRDP implementation Procedure:

  1. To Nominate your Village click here to fill the form
  2. Village need assessment form to be filled by local volunteers (using this form in local language): Tamil, Telugu, English
  3. Evaluate leadership and conditions of the village to shortlist
  4. Train local volunteers (Teachers, health workers / doctors and farmers)
  5. Initiate and execute project

To know more about SRDP:

View SRDP presentation in UN, Geneva Or watch Video

View SRDP oral statement given at UN, Geneva

Click Here to Download SRDP presentation