MAHE Reading

MAHE Sessions
MAHE Reading (UK):
All sessions from guitar , Hindi, value based education, Carnatic music for
kids and adults , yoga and chess  are going on well regularly.We decided to  focus on all areas of development as per MAHE principles
concentrating on physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual
development.For spiritual development ,
We had a Senior Mediator Mrs. Vasumathy who told kids about benefits of
meditation and kids meditated for 10 mins guided by her and  told that they
felt very good, peaceful and few of them said that they felt vibrations..

For emotional/psychological development,
We had Mrs.Mona ,child and human development counselor to talk to kids
on behavior and how to have agreements at home rather than rules..we
told kids about the importance of showing gratitude ,loving oneself and others, showing compassion to every other living being and to be happy
Kids promised to try on  agreement systems at home rather than struggling
having rules.
They agreed to thank for all the things they have got every morning and
show their gratitude to others whenever possible.
We also agreed on certain discipline rules at class like maintaining polite
voice, being kind and responsible , being obedient and paying attention to
teachers without disturbing, arranging things in order etc…

For social development ,
We had some group games like communication games and group games.

For mental /intellectual development,
We played games on memory and concentration. we did some actions and
kids had to listen carefully and do the action promptly and in order.

For physical development ,
We had our usual yoga dance and asanas and also spoke about healthy
living on drinking and eating with awareness, showed few video clips on
DR.B.M.Hegde on healthy living which constitutes simple living, eating
moderately, showing compassion to others without having anger, hatred ,
jealousy  towards others and doing something to others/ society to live
happily without any  ailments.