About Manavata: Manavata is a registered NGO and was established in 1991. Since then, it has conducted nearly 30 blood-donation camps with huge turn-out and motivated 200 blood donors, spread in various professions, to rise to the occasion in critical surgeries. Today Manavata has an active cadre of 250 software professionals, 30 academicians, 50 bureaucrats, and a huge entrepreneurial class in different parts of the country. Manavata established in 1991 and growing by leaps and bounds in terms of number and quality of services.



  • Character building and Personality development programs for Youth (Inspire)
  • Knowledge Movement (Vignanodhyamam) to improve the education in rural areas


  • Located in Lolla, Kakinada district, Andhra Pradesh.


  • Yoga & Meditation Training camps in different places
  • Campaigning and collection of blood donors information, conducting blood donation camps.

Helping Needy

  • Saving lives with timely blood donation
  • Fund raising to help needy in situations like natural calamities
  • Clothes distribution to poor & needy in every Winter season,Food distribution to poor & needy at emergency times

Women Empowerment

  • Manavata Mahila Samstha’s chapters at Lolla and Vijayawada, make and sell T-Shirts and Caps.

Objective: This program is to help economically poor un-employed youth for their livelihood and to show them right direction.

Can sponsor a person’s training for $40 ($20 for training + $20 for tool kit).  Sponsor can talk to the trainee sponsored by him/her.  You can make a contribution for 40$(whole) /or 20$ (for training  or toolkit)

 Refer: If you know any candidate, who needs help.

 Employment Plan: We have got commitment from our volunteers to give them employment in their companies.

There are three areas identified for training & employment:

 Contact: Please send your referrals / sponsorship email: or call 9966673111.