27th March 2016

  • 27th March to 20th May 2016: 3H Mission and MAHE improvement plans in UK: Volunteers Leadership Training program (VLTP) across different regional chapters by Srini
  • 21st April to 10th June: Homeopathy training camp
  • 27th May to 10th June: Teachers training UFH
  • 10th June to  12th June: Farmers (ZBNF) training in UFH
  • UFH natural farming groundnuts and seeds are available. contact 9966673111

28th Jan 2016

Here are some UFH activities planned for February:

  • 1st Feb: Personality development program for Pebbair and Natavalli High schools
  • 1st to 4th Feb: Yoga sadhana and Karma Yoga camps at campus. Health camps for 7 villages around.
  • 6th and 7th Feb: Personality Development / Youth camps, Healthy living camps in Lolla, Rayavaram and Ramachandrapuram by volunteers Srini, Gary and Dr. Ramachandrarao.
  • 7th Feb to 10th Feb: Karma Yoga camp in UFH campus
  • 12th Feb: Natural farming workshop and healthy living (Mr. MCV Prasad, Sri Ramarao Master, Dr. Ramachandra rao, Mr. Srinivasa Alluri)
  • 12th Feb to 15th Feb: Vedic Health Practice camp by Sri Ramarao Master
  • ———————–

26th Jan 2016

Gram Bharathi team has visited campus today along with Mr. Karunakar reddy, Praveen and other team members. They are very happy with the activities of Manavata UFH and arrangement of campus. Mr. Karunakar reddy proposed a collaborative work for farmers training during his discussions with Srini. Both agreed to work together on sustainable rural development and natural farming.

Republic day quiz program organized in Natavally government school by our volunteers.

24th Jan 2016:

Drip irrigation for Sapota, coconut, circular road are completed. Now canal water is stopped and next 5 months Jurala canal will not have water.. so we have to depend on our bore wells only. all 3 bore wells are now connected to main circular pipeline. Prakash could spend 4 days in the campus to help in completing drip irrigation setup and few important works in campus.

Natural farming updates:

20th Jan 2016:  It is important to make our own seeds as they get more resistance power.. so collecting vegetables seeds and all other seeds which we have grown in UFH campus.

Local farmers are regularly monitoring our crop and they all confirmed that our natural farming crop is much better than their chemical farming.. and now they would like to adopt our method from their next crop.. which is good news

Another good news is paddy cultivation at Lolla ashram gave 35 bags / acre this year, which is much more motivation for local farmers there by looking at year by year growth of yielding..

1st Jan 2016:

Most of the plantation is completed, we are in the process of making proper arrangement for regular watering and Jeevamrutham schedules.

28th Dec 2015:

Kalyan, Vamsi, Krishna, Amar, Sastry, Prakash and other volunteers have visited campus and participated in Karma Yoga along with Srini.. Pomagranite plantation and other few important works were executed during their visit.

July 2015:

Please Select Tag line for University for Humanity: (say number or send your idea

1. Protect Sustainability, Soil and Society
2. Right Knowledge, Right Practice and Right Livelihood
3. Protect righteousness and humanity
4. Practice of humanity and sustainability
5. Be Practical, live and let live
6. Sustainable development through practice of humanity
7. Natural methods and Innovation for best life