Be a Volunteer

Manavata, in the capacity of a social, cultural and philosophical institution has been tirelessly working with the primary mission of creating a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world! Such a goal also embeds within a vision for Sustainable Development by promoting the quintessential tenets of humanity in the society and by propagating proven methods in the areas of Education, Health and Environment. Manavta provides a whole host of avenues, opportunities and initiatives in the form of various projects spanning the length and breadth of the globe.

There abounds several volunteering opportunities for those who are keen to make a difference and having the required level of dedication and degree of commitment. Since it is vital for a prospective volunteer to identify, evaluate and assess the spheres of his/her volunteering interest, the following potential channels have been set out for making the task of selection that much easier:


Volunteering Opportunities:

Teaching: Academic topics, technical and non-technical elements personality development and yoga

Treatment: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Other Medical specializations

Writing: Project proposals, news-letters, website content, emails, campaign material etc.

Designing: multimedia, brochures, educational materials / awareness materials spanning both video and visual.

Technical Support: Technical support for website and other information technology systems, science, engineering and technology support in the areas of health, agriculture and education.

Advisor / Consultancy: Expert advise and consultancy as the same is accorded high priority in all Manavata projects involving Education, Health and Environment.

Management and co-ordination: event management, project management, Finance, HR, member management, member communication, co-ordination of activities

Leadership: building new chapters, improving existing chapters, taking new initiatives, motivating and team building, organizing and inspiring people, bringing collaborations and executing projects to achieve goals.


How to Involve in Manavata Projects:

I would like to volunteer for following Services:

Research and Development (R&D):

  • Health / Nutrition / Nature cure
  • Yoga
  • Agriculture / Natural farming

Internship /Students: (3 to 6 months)

  • Students can choose their area of interest to do internship
  • Minimum period needs to be agreed with Manavata Mgt team based on selected projects


Basic travel and accommodation will be provided on a need basis

Pay / Compensation:

If volunteers would like to take this as a career, packages will be agreed based on role / skill etc.

Qualifications and pre-conditions:

  • An altruistic motive – A burning desire to actively engage in self-less service and shunning undue expectations whether monetary or name.
  • Must possess the necessary level of skills/qualifications for the selected role, in addition to having the requisite experience
  • Capacity to undertake responsibility and execute deliverables on time without compromising quality example with high efficiency and proficiency
  • An ability to effectively collaborate with fellow volunteers and display characteristics of empathy and understanding
  • Diligently and uncompromisingly adhere to the norms, rules, principles and disciplines set down under the Manavata Guidelines