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Manavata Health centres are running in different villages to bring holistic and sustainable health and to provide free treatment and medicines for poor patients in remote villages where no medical facilities available. Currently serving in 25 centres serving over 30000 patients. Many patients got empowered by offering appropriate treatment for permanent cure and also bring awareness in people to follow healthy life styles. Each centre offers regular health awareness sessions, one to one counselling and personal guidance to each patient along with treatment. Root cause is properly analysed for perfect diagnosis before giving treatment and medicine.Ongoing schedules for these camps can be found on the Manavata Event Calendar.


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List of Manavata health centres:

All Manavata Health Centers

S.NoName of VillageMandalCamp DetailsTotal Registered patientsContact Person NamePhone NumberDoctor NamePhone NoLocationTime
1RachapalliPathipaduEvery Month 2nd&4th Sunday1380Varma9246999855M.Nookaraju9666892259Pathipadu Mandal,East godhavari District9to1pm
2BikkavoluBikkavoluEvery Month Wednesday2524V.Ramachandra Rao9440464675M.Nookaraju9666892259Bikkavolu Mandal,East Godhavari District10to5Pm
3Srugarayala palamPathipaduEvery Month 1st Friday560G.Bala9030896667M.Nookaraju9666892259Pathipadu Mandal, East Godhavari District2to5pm
4SandreduRangampetaEvery Saturday1406Ammi Raju9440210488R.V Satyanarayana
9949485597Rangampeta Mandal, East godhavari District8.30to2pm
5LollaRayavaramEvery Sunday7300Subbaraju9966673283R.V Satyanarayana, T.Veeranjaneyulu, Sandeep.9949485597 Rayavaram Mandal, East Godhavari District7:00to2pm
6KonkuduruBikkavoluEvery Month 2nd&4th Monday844S.Venkatareddy9948640097R.V Satyanarayana, T.Veeranjaneyulu9949485597Bikkavolu Mandal,East Godhavari District8to1pm
7KakarapalliKonkuduruEvery Month 4th Wednesday1000KV Suribabu, Srinivas9494157776R.V Satyanarayana9949485597 Konkuduru Mandal,East Godhavari District8.30to3pm
8BuddavaramKonkuduruEvery Month 2nd Wednesday1000Nanaji9493050506R.V Satyanayana9949485597Konkuduru Mandal, East Godhavari District8to2pm
9GangavaramGangavaramEvery Thursday3000N.Srinivas9849830241R.V Satyanarayana, T.Veeranjaneyulu9949485597Pamarru Mandal, East Godhavari District6.30 to 2pm
10MogalthurMogalthurEvery Sunday789P.Raja Bhadur, Bharathi9908512085Ramesh9247801487Mogalthu Mandal,West Godhavari District10to12pm
11PadapallaAlamuruEvery Month 1st Monday463M.Suribabu9963749687T.Veeranjaneyulu9491444093 Alamuru Mandal,East godhavari District9to1pm
12DonthamuruRangampetaEvery Month 3rd Monday451P.Ramu8498941989T.Veeranjaneyulu9491444093Rangampeta Mandal,East Godhavari District9to1pm
13ChelluruRayavaramEveryMonth 1st&3rd Tuesday608M.Rajkumar9966673283T.Veeranjaneyulu9491444093Rayavaram Mandal,East Godhavari District9to1pm
14NarasapurapetaRamachandrapuramEvery Month 2nd&4th Tuesday449M.Janakiramayya9966673283T.Veeranjaneyulu9491444093 Ramachandrapuram Mandal,East Godhavari District9to1pm
15TathipudiAtreyapuramEvery Friday239G.Subba Raju9908812443T.Veeranjaneyulu9491444093 Atreyapuram Mandal, East Godhavari District9to1pm
16ShakapuramPebbairEvery 2nd &4th Tuesday184Sai,Anji Suresh9703899140B.Sharath9705735072 pebbair Mandal, Wanaparthy District8to12pm
17PamapuramKothakotaEvery 2nd& 4th Monday344Bishupalli Naiyudu,Laxmansetti9912435049B.Sharath9705735072Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District8to12pm
18RamakrishnapuramKothakotaEvery 2nd &4th Monday125Shekar,Gurumurthi8096507433B.Sharath9705735072 Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District3to7pm
19NatavalliKothakotaEvery 2nd &4thTuesday226Ashok9704820430B.Sharath9705735072 Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District3to7pm
20MirasapalliKothakotaEvery 1st &3rd Monday417Praveen9492423875B.Sharath9705735072 Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District8to12pm
21ThomalapalliKothakotaWednesday109Kurumurthi9441302413B.Sharath9705735072 Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District8to12pm
22Natavalli ThandaKothakotaEvery 3rd Monday70Ashok9704820430B.Sharath9705735072Kothakota Mandal,Wanaparthy District3to7pm
23William Konda ThandaKothakotaEvery 1st &3rd Tuesday46Praveen9492423875B.Sharath9705735072Kothakota Mandal,Wanaparthy District3to7pm
24William KondaKothakotaEvery 1st Monday99Praveen9492423875B.Sharath9705735072Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District3to7pm
25AmadabakuluKothakotaEvery 4th TuesdayPrakashji, Surendra, ManyamB.Sharath9705735072Kothakota Mandal,Wanaparthy District8to2pm
Details of manavata Health Centers.

Healthy Living Camps:

Manavata’s free Yoga, Meditation Camps and Healthy Living camps are held across the globe regularly and have helped thousands of people to improve their health, cure diseases and ailments, manage stress, develop peace of mind and understand the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Ongoing schedules for these camps can be found on the Manavata website.


Medical Camps:

Free medical camps organised by Manavata in rural areas without proper facilities for treatment address specific issues – eye ailments, heart diseases, diabetic patients, amputees, disability issues, dental, hearing aid. The camps have benefited over 30, 000 patients so far.


Rural Health Centers:

Manavata’s free Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatment centers in rural areas treat over 6000 patients and cover around 50 villages. Details of homeopathy camps can be obtained from


Blood Donation Program:

Manavata’s blood donation drives are complemented by a comprehensive database of around 3000 blood donors on the Manavata website, listed area wise. The website enables posting for blood requirement and searching for donors and the Manavata Blood Donation helpline in India (Hyderabad) has benefited more than 10, 000 patients so far in far off places across the world.

Eradication of drug addictions among Youth:

Manavata’s volunteers conduct campaigns for eradication of social ills such as smoking and drinking among youth in rural areas. Manavata organise awareness sessions, individual counselling, campaign walks and cycling.

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